Thursday, February 17, 2011

lost love, lost life

a guy friend just lost his wife last two weeks; they lost to a battle, with cancer. it was a sad sob story. i got goosebumped reading the announcement email, and another goosebumped when i heard the story. the wife was diagnosed with liver cancer three years ago. there were not married then. he proposed to her last March so that he could take care of her when she was sick. he stuck by her and truth to his word. he was there till her last breath. 

gosh, it is a scary thoughts. i don't know to deal with it should it happen to me. and all i can do is pray religiously that it doesn't happen to me or to anyone i know. it is beyond thinking.

my husband been travelling on and off..often, and far. he risks his life, especially when the corporate been thinking what's best to safe money rather than to practise good HSE. i keep on praying if anything happen to him, or me, (touch wood, Nauzubillah), how do we cope and react.. in short term and long term. it is still beyond my thinking.

when you lost someone you love,it is never a funny business. i attended a funeral of a good old friend's dad. her mum passed away two years ago, and now, it was his dad. she's not married but blessed with good siblings and nieces and nephews. she's a strong girl. she broke down when she saw us, and we broke down too. i never met his father when he was healthyly alive. and i sill felt the lost.

if only we can opt not to lose anybody we love and know....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

luv ma mama

we love and respect both our parents dearly, but then again, please do not doubt that, if we have to choose, live or dead, your mum or your dad, the likely answer would be your mum!

not because she's a woman.. but she's a very special woman. yup, your dad would die for you too (some, may be even consider that), but your mum did put her life at risk the moment you decided to reside in her womb. 

imagine a cyst, a 0.05nanometer cyst in your body. as a normal human body, your body would react to that stranger. definitely would.. and imagine a life form in your body. at the seventh week, surprisingly measuring to only 12.33mm, you could really take control of that old lady body!

her hormones haywired. she's hungry but she could hardly eat. she's thirsty but she vomitted. she could even stand, much to do other things, even taking her own bath. 

those are worst scenarios.. and agree with me when i said i wasn't exagerating. 

ok, of course your dad will be there for you.. he had to bear with that whiny clingy mum of yours who wanted everything and decided later on she couldn't take anything. to the extent, he had to increase his volume coz your mum just don't bother listening, and he knew he did what is best for both his wife and the baby.

but then again, before we were 'complete' human, mum and all parts of her body, nerves, hormones, bones, muscles..everything is there, to get us to the world, safe and healthy.

of course, the growing up, dad will be in the picture, together with mum. mum can't do it alone, though there will be one in a million jewels of single parent who outshines others.. but by nature, both mum and dad supposed to be there for you, and as a kid you supposed to love and care for them for the rest of your life, as much you owe them your life!

on the other hand, nobody can compensate that 40 weeks (more or less) us trying to be comfortable and that warm womb of our mommies....