Monday, December 31, 2012

hepi 2013

as i'm writing this,all i wish i could have spent the last day of 2012 with him, physically. i doubt that we'll be going somewhere to enjoy the moment and we might even end up with me in the bed and he busy doing the laundry in the middle of the night, but, it would be great to be in the same roof, if we could.

it's human being. bila ada, tak heran, bila takde, sebok la nak plan semua benda bagai!

anyway, i'm working today..the last day of 2012. and i have soooo many things to complete and write-off from my lift before 2013. i doubt that i could do all, but, i doubt that i would give a demn!

2012 is special. let's see if i could recall a brief of what had happened.

Jan - aidan was in his primary school.. my first boy. he's no longer in kindy. he's a junior. he has always been so smart as always, and i could still remember vividly how he cried in the middle of the school canteen on the third day of school because he couldn't find me. he cried.. and nobody's around to soothe him. and next in his life, he will still cry, and i just wish i could be there when he cried. just to give him a hug and tell him 'mama will always be around for you'

Feb - we had aivey's aqeqah and cukur jambul.. it was sweet and beautiful. i'm enjoying the perks of having little girl of my own

March - it was 12 years anniversary as a couple :)   

April - the boys' first UKRC match. the lost, badly... and mama, again, felt so sedih. i don't like to see them fail..and i felt so helpless.

May - aimar was doing soo great with the exams.. and so did abadan

June - it was a grreeaatt fun family time in singapore.. how i wish we could have holidays everyday

July - anak punye pasal, we drove sampai melaka for the boys football match there ..don't ask me how well they do.. not something that anyone want to be reminded of. 

Aug - it was puasa and raya and it was good to have aboh around for raya. aimar fasted for a week, and aidan fasted for 3 weeks. i am proud of my boys.

Sept - it was aivey's first

Oct - it was aimar's fifth and mama's thirthy-fifth!

Nov - work starting to take a ride on me! and us!

Dec - am still working today.
i really wish he's around

happy new year, u oolllsss...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

he's the first

FPSO Kikeh is located 120Km offshore, North West of East Malaysia and the island of Borneo . FPSO Kikeh is a Malaysia's and Asia's first Deepwater FPSO in 1,320 meters of water. The unit is turret moored and is capable of producing 120,000bpd of oil via a Tension Leg Truss Spar and sub sea production wells. Water injection, up to 260,000bpd, is also via the truss spar and 12 subsea wells. Addition flexible risers and sub sea wells are provided for gas injection.
The storage capacity of the FPSO is 2,000,000 bbls of crude oil, offloading of the produced and stored crude oil is via a floating hose to a shuttle tanker.
The FPSO and Truss Spar were the biggest ever to be built in Malaysia ; the FPSO Kikeh also has the largest external turret ever built at the time. Accommodation is provided onboard for over 100 personnel.
The FPSO was located in the field on 14th April 2007 and successfully achieved first Oil on 17 th Aug 2007

i'm not sure about the details, but what i know for a fact, since its first oil, the OIM and its superintendents are all mat salleh. being the first, deepwater, FPSO... we malaysian are suck in recognizing our own people.. kononnye orang kita takde experience...

and worry no more!

after five years, we gonna have the first malaysian onboard as one of the product superintendent. the only malaysian for now. and what made me 'prouder' is he's a malay malaysian.. okay la, his mum is chinese-adopted-by-malay-families, his dad is malay, he married to a beautiful hot malay girl, and blessed with three smart brilliant children..

never have i been more proud that i could be!

ok, he'll be in for a 3 month probation, he'll do fine. just can't wait for him to come back for a good long congratulation hug!



Tuesday, December 25, 2012


it was fun. the courting, it was fun. she could have called anybody to ask how was the weather, she called him. he could have wasted his free calls on anybody, he wasted on her. they would start talking from the sun set, and as there were sooo many laughters, it was insanely mad to realized the sun has rose and they were still talking. it was fun, so much fun.

it was great. the courting, it was great. she inspired him. she made him wrote poems, creatively handmade missing-you cards, did the unthinkable things. she was smitten by him. thinking of him, made her smile. it was true. just listening to that very small voice in her mind calling his name, he could just smile. it was great, so very great.

it was wonderful. the courting, it was wonderful. walking next to each other, spending time together. once a while, when there's an opportunity, their eyes met each other, their hands rubbed accidentally, they were so malu-malu tapi suka. it was wonderful, so over-the-top wonderful.


after twelve years, she could never be thankful enough to have that feelings still freash and alive between them. the courting, they still do..  and it feels good.

saya kenal sayang saya ;)


suke chat whatsapp die semalam:
"Tho abg jauh physically.. Rase mcm ada situ"
"Mje takut nk panjat singa"
"Abg hold ur hand"
"Cari jln je nk fizikal contact.. Haha"

malu saye ;)


Sunday, December 23, 2012


saya rindu orang itu. kite ni, manusia, bila dah ada depan mata semua jadi tak kena. bila dah nun jauh di mata, barulah nak terhegeh-hegeh nak rindu bagai nak rak.

sekali-sekala, bila dah rindu amat teramat melampau ni, sakit pun ada. belum lah sampai mandi tak basah, makan tak kenyang, tapi dalam hiruk pikuk anak-anak dok gaduh sakan, rasa jauh sangat orang yang kita harap ada di sisi, lahiriahnya!

katanya lagi 18 hari dia balik. lama la pulak menghitung hari. penat. tapi, pesan abang, jangan putus asa.. teruskan menghitung waktu. masa itu akan tiba. tidak sesaat awal, tidak sesaat lewat. bila dah ditentukan-Nya, kita akan jumpa semula.

saya rindu dia. saya tahu, dia rindu saya.. dan sebab dia, saya bijak berbahasa ;)

Monday, December 17, 2012

my adam

i've been busy, obviously.. and as writing is part of my spiritual healing, i failed to do so in such a looong time. i haven't been writing 'properly' for quite a while.. not that i was sooo contented with my life, not that i have no worries to bitch about, not that i was too happy to brag about things... i just realized the 24hours a day allocation is waaayy too short for a mama, a wife, a daughter, a sister and an employee.. was bogged down with things!

so.. lemme find a topic to talk about. i'm a bit soaked up with adam mukhriz character in adam hawa telemovie in astro. it's not really the story line - that was bad!. it's just that hunk, 'am', acted by aaron aziz was sooo surreal. of course, if you were to asked about the storyline, it was a typical malay telemovie. sad but true.. a guy, a romeo, was caught khalwat (i know they have a word in engish but i don't bother to recall what's in my mind) with a girl he hardly knew by accident, and decided to marry her. of course that girl hate his gut, ran away and he waited for her for eight years, being such a loyal responsible husband. ahaks... laugh at my joke.. it was the storyline. a friend recited me the surah about marriage in Islam "kahwin lah kau 2,3 atau 4, tapi jika engkau tidak boleh berlaku adil, maka kahwin lah satu".. ok, i may have not put it in a proper way, but that's what i was told..which i could conclude, poligamy is default, unless if you just can't be fair (which i strongly believe no normal man can), stick to one wife and be loyal. ok, i'm diverting from the adam mukhriz who 'sacrificed' so much for love to default of marriage.. hmm..

back to adam mukhriz.. he is all a lady would like to marry. he is such a perfect man that go beyond realistic thinking. we, women, never asked for much. all we want is the 110% attention to us. that means, when we were mad, and was about to blast off, the man of our life can tell us "manje, chill, i know you are about to burst and you just have to take it easy".. seems like he can read your mind out loud on your next action. and he committed his time to you. he's there for you 25-7.. the second you think he was so tied up with things of his own, he's there for you.. he even wrote poem for you in the middle of night.. aaahhhhh... sweeeettt, kan?? somehow, he just couldn't start his day without knowing how things are with you. he listened to you on everything, and he even can remember on things you think he won't remember. he tried to ignore you for the whole day, and got worried sick when you decided not to text him when the days was about to come to the end. as i keep on writing and writing and writing how an adam should treat his hawa, i just realized how lucky i was to find my adam. i already did.. he was very special. i was mad at him when he opted to steer his way from going back straight home to meet his friend nearby, but i forgot to thank him for coming back to home safe and sound. i was saddened for he was so bogged down on the maintenance of the house that he spend less 'quality' time with us, but i forgot that he was busy maintaining OUR home! i was taken aback when he overwrites my choice of clothing, but i forgot that he meant well.. ahhh... i am one of the lucky bitch who wins all in love..   sorry girls, the good ones are taken.. and i pray and i pray hard that he's mine, all mine, forever till eternity.. his default is me and my default is himself!

ok, i was supposed to talk about that hunk aaron aziz of how good he was as adam mukriz... he's witty, loyal, romantic, selamba.. i love all about him, and even my 6 year old mum was smitten by him..

and as i wrote this, just like the fish is unaware of the water he lives in, i might be unaware of that gentleman that held me every night long, the man who take me for who i am when he said "aku terima nikahnya dgn mas kahwin tersebut", the man who was there the first time we met twelve-going-to-thirteen years ago, the very same man that i felt like kicking, boxing and swearing once a while, the very same man that without me noticing is my adam... ahhhhh... ain sayang abang :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

yadi yada yada

this classy cheeky chic has been so silence because of the standard reasons:
she was busy busy busy
she couldn't have good access of blogger from the office
she was bogged down with things things things
but of course she miss posting things about nothing.. just as much as she misses all her good girlfriends.. just as much she misses her 'life' when she felt so guilty being paid for not doing anything..

kids were behaving good. at times writing this, aivey is in deep sleep despite her chicken pox.. pity this sweet girl of mine. she only 15 months, and suffering from chicken pox. sometimes, i must agree how ironic life could be. aivey chose to be attacked by these monstrous pain just right after aboh was scheduled to be offshore the day before. aidan and aimar were doing fine as being boys. they fight fight fight, and once a while they laughed at their own joke realizing how they managed to ally and get away with things!

my dear red scoot had a shoutout in her fb, when was the last first thing you did?.. i went to watch the live football, two games in a row with my dear hubby and two boys! my hubby specifically told me "i'm glad that you had your first time with me".. and its good to know we still have our firsts of many:) harimau malaya was a spirit. the game of the semi final second leg in bangkok suck big time. ok, the midfielders were not doing as much work as they do, but thailand were playing with 12 people inclusive the referee. so, as much as the team lose to 2-0, they lose with pride and i'm happy to know i stick by my team, the proud harimau malaya.

work is unbearable.. too many things on my plates.. and i just think i need to chill... emancipating june 2013, huh? much i miss blabbering :)