Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the least favourite

mum, mak, mama, ummi, mummy.. whatever you call her, there's only one her, irreplaceable with whatsoever creature!

you have issues, fights at school, lost your favourite toys, slipped hard and injured yourself, you'll cry out loud and all you want is your mum.

of course when she starts nagging, you know she could sound sooo annoying! the moment she screams, you just wish she is elsewhere.

it's not fair, she's the one you want when you need a person nearby to console you, but she's always not your favourite parent! of course, your daddy is waay much cooler than mama. somehow, when your mum said 'you will need to explain that to your daddy', you just wish she wouldn't have to oen her mouth or daddy will get mad. the idea of pissing your dad is not cool, but who give a heck when mummy has been yelling about not to do the thing she forbids over and over again!

adoi, penat la.. apa nak sume mama cuba ikut. bile mama suruh buat benda, nak tunggu kali kesepuluh with high tones naru nak gerak! bila ugut nak bagitau aboh, tarik muka patbelas tak puas hati kat mama.. penat la my dear sons!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

bulan cinta

dok layan citer CINTA kat TV3... terinspirasi nak bercerita. cerita tentang cinta. lama rasa tak bercinta. kalau ikut omputeh, bulan dua ni bulan cinta.. tapi, cinta ni mana logik ikut bulan. cinta ada dalam hati.. tak lari mana2.. tak payah tunggu ikut bulan baru nak tunjuk.

cinta belum kahwin memang tak sama dengan lepas kahwin. betul! makwe pakai apa saja, cantik di mata pakwe. pakwe tak pakai perfume apa, pun wangi dihidu makwe. betul! memang cinta itu buta.

bila cinta dah buta, bawa hingga ke rumahtangga. alhamdullilah, bila ada jodohnya, panjang pula moga-moga. dah berjanji sehidup semati. sekali sekala ada rasa nak marah. kadang-kadang rasa sayang ya amat sangat. selalu jugak rasa rindu tambah2 bila kene tingal selalu-selalu. tapi, cinta sevelum kawen memang tak sama kalau nak banding lepas kawin.

apa2 pun, kene terus bersyukur. ada dia yang cinta saya, ada dia untuk saya cinta. ada dia buat bahagia. ada dia menduga rindu.ada dia berkongsi sayang. ada dia untuk saya.

bang, bulan ini bulan cinta. terima kasih, kita bercinta sampai bila2.. takmo lalai, takmo lupa. saya sayang cinta hati saya xoxoxo

p/s: dalam hati penuh bunga ;)

diftong? digraf?

it's not even noon yet, and i'm all stressed out revising his bahasa malaysia subject. gosh, he was only 8, and yet he has to understand frasa, ayat tinggal, konsonan bergavung, digraf, diftong and all those words i never thought would have exist! i don't understand how all these things would help kids to learn how to open a bank account later in their life!!

aiyyooo.. and aidan showing least interest in learning frustrates me more. his mind was occupied elsewhere. perhaps was hoping he could get awat with the revision session sooner, kot.. and as he's not showing any positive progress worries me more.

just as much as i'm in the midst of giving up, i was thinking of his teachers back at his schools, and all-boys school.. i could hardly have patience teaching my own son, i must salute the teachers who decided to come to school every morning to ensure thirty of their students, of someone elses' boys,in a class at least understand what they are trying to teach.. adoimak.. salute, i should


kite ni manusia, semua orang hipokrit.. 

we live in lies,our own lies, and what we want people to see that we are what we say, eat, look, see, touch yada yada yada..fact is, what we say, eat, look, see, touch and everything is not really what we are, but what we want people to think what we are.. yup, it's fake, but face it, it's fact!

... and time flies by, expeditiously.. we got sidetrack, and bit by bit, we got tired. 

we started to realize how much damage we've done to ourselves. do we turn everything back to the reality we know we are or do we just stick adapting what we want people to think who we are?


cantik, di mata perempuan, tak sama dengan di mata lelaki. 

trust me, when we were naive, young teenager girls, getting compliments from the boys were always flattering.. a boy left a note telling how mesmerizing he thinks we are, and we just melts away. a boy stare at us, not blinking his eyes and we shy away. yes, trust me litle girl, we were naive.

that hot red shoe, with nice streak of blonde highlight and matching purple dress may not be perfect and any boy's eyes..but trust me, when a girl stop and look at you and without hesitate tells you 'that top match you purrfectly'.. she was being genuine.. don't bother with any boy that would think you were overdressed..

itu conclussion as i was discussing with the girls.


lama tul tak menulis. nak cakap takde inspirasi, tak lah sangat. masa... yup, time is limited. without realizing, dah february, and most of my times were bogged down with work, kids, hubby, and work and work... en abang dah straight forward ckp apa2 pun kene ingat priority. and i know what my priority is.. tapi, kekadang, bila rasa diri tu berguna sikit, terasa lak bertanggunggjawab atas amanah yang diberi. ye, memang ada rasa takmo keje. en abang mmg akan galakkan berenti keje.. tengoklah.. insyaallah, the time will come. one day, ye bang..

anak3 are doing ok. aivey is getting cheekier. bla bla bla... tak abis2 mem-busy kan diri dia. abang2, rasa kesian lak bila mama stop their ukrc activities.. it was pure selfish mama's decision la kan... mamam malas nak bangun pagi2 buta on weekends hantar gi ukrc.. c'mon.. hari sabtu ahad nak kene bangun kul 7.. udah lah hari2 lain kene bangun kul5.. aduishhh... but then again, these boys won't be boys forever.. they grow up, and one day, nak pergi kedai seberang rumah pun dah tak nak mama teman dah.. while mama is still 'wanted' in their life, i guess i should make the most of it... so, next month, they'll be back in the field kicking balls..


completed the kpi setting workshop for this year. it sucks big time. it defeats the 'challenge session' time when the ultimatum decision was ultimately made by one with higher authority:(


ok la.. nak tido..